WR2 Who should I start?

Golden Tate or Kenny Stills?

Full PPR.

Do you need a big game or are you wanting the better chance if points?
Stills probably boom or bust but he’s gotten about 10 points a few games already.
Tate might be the safer floor and more receptions. Not sure if he’ll get that long run or TD like in the Pats game.

Thanks for the input.

Definitely want a big game! This is gonna be a tough choice this week.

If you want the risk I’d play stills. I’m debating stills or Corey Davis. Been back and forth all week.

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Stills is very boom or bust. I am starting him in one of my leagues and hoping for the best. Tate will prolly get you like 5 for 60

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Ahh man, I have Davis also lol.

I think I’m going with stills. I want the chance for a boom and he’s also had some decent games before when splitting time with fuller.

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