WR2 with the most Upside

I’m a 10 point underdog my first week of the playoffs. i need an upside WR2 to close the gap.

My options are: Tre’Quan, Josh Reynolds, Curtis Samuel.

Cam is my QB so i’m leaning Samuel as the most upside. Is that crazy?


Josh Reynolds in that match up with Bears is out of the running for me here. I think that Tre’Quan probably has the highest true upside. We saw that ridiculous upside a few weeks ago, and this week he has a perfect match up against Tampa with Brees throwing him the ball. The problem is that he has done basically nothing lately, and who knows how many targets he gets. He is the definition of boom/bust. Samuel is the best combination here of safety with upside and I would go with him. He is getting targets and is a threat for a big play downfield still.