WR3 Dilemma

The Tyreek Hill injury combined with an unfortunate set of match-ups are leaving me in a bit of a bind for my WR3. I can choose from the following in an 8-team, 0.5PPR, 3WR, superflex league:

Will Fuller vs JAX
Marvin Jones vs LAC
Christian Kirk @ BAL
Emmanuel Sanders vs CHI

My other 2 starting WR’s are Robert Woods and Chris Godwin if that helps. Thanks #Footclan!

Fuller. The Jaguars can’t keep it together against high-end offenses.

At least you got a good start last night with Godwin! I’d lean Fuller or Kirk - kind of a toss up for me, but I might lean Kirk just due to the volume of passes being thrown in that offense.

I’d use Kirk

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Thanks for the feedback guys. For those saying Kirk, does your opinion change when I say i’ve also got Kyler in my line-up currently?

I want to stream Carr for this week but I haven’t got anyone I want to drop so might end up sticking with Kyler…

Since Godwin went off last night I would go Fuller hoping he hits a long TD and you win the week. It’s quite possible if you look at history when Fuller is healthy.