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Written rules/How deep are your league rules


So I’m new to the forums and feel this is the best community for this question:

Does anyone else have a written version of your rules that your league uses as your “constitution”? How deep does it get?

We had a minor blow-up in one of my leagues last year over a rule change made by the commissioner (nothing nefarious) with one owner acting as though it was the end of the world…four weeks into the season. As far as most of us saw it, it was his own fault for not reviewing the rules before the draft, but we decided to have a little fun with him by writing out every minute detail. Our league rules are now close to 7-pages long (though it also contains our promotion/relegation criteria as we are a tiered league) and covers everything we could think of.

So am I alone and crazy or part of a larger community of crazy people?

[Disclaimer: I’m a law student; our commish is a lawyer. Of note, if you want a copy, it’s all yours]


I created a pretty formal Policies, Parameters, and Protocol for our league. It’s about four or five pages long but we rarely have to refer to it. We have a google doc link to it right on the front page. We’ve had the same group of owners for going on six years now so we’re pretty much on auto-pilot.

I highly suggest every league create some form of a constitution and try to address any potential loopholes, openings for abuse, or general shenanigan-like behavior.


Agreed. After drafting that one, I wrote out rules for my other leagues to adopt. It also allows you to do some cool stuff (we have “fair play” rules regarding absentee owners and league-control of lineups) that normal platforms can’t support.


Yes, I have a whole section on Deadbeat Owner Assistance. We had a guy that caused me to construct a whole new section for editing a deadbeat lineup.


We did a few other things (like making FAAB a trade able asset, special kicker rules, etc) as well.


LOL. Send a link with the copy man, that 7 pages rules book sound hilarious. Trying to adopt something in our league so I can get some general ideas from yours too ( hopefully not a 7 page document ha).


Tiered League Rules:

Redraft Rules: