WRs choice. Opponent vs season so far

I have Thomas, Boyd, Golladay, Hilton and Gabriel and need to pick 3 of them. Read about the high ceilings of Boyd and Gabriel, but Hilton also has a juicy match-up and Thomas is Thomas. Who shall I pick?

Thomas is Thomas. And if Hilton is healthy on the field he’s Hilton. Also a wr1. So it’s boyd Gabriel or galloday. Maybe because of Hilton’s perceived variance you roll with Boyd’s seemingly safe floor. Galloday seems like the 1 in that offense. But last week Stanford only threw like 23 passes so no one was productive. I’d say it’s those two over Gabriel so at least we narrowed it down to two obvious starters.

Yeah, these three guys are starters atm, just wanted to be sure. Just read about the great possibility of Gabriel bouncing back. But Boyd also had a low game, so maybe he’s the same. But Gabriel for Hilton doesn’t seem right. Nevertheless Robinson seems to be out, so Gabriel will probably see a ton of targets…

No other opinions?