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WRs on a bye!


Hey guys ! This week I have both Micheal Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders on a bye so I’m forced to star Sammy Watkins and Devin Funchess and I don’t feel great about it at all, especially Watkins going up against Seattle. Anyways the only decent receivers on the waivers are Tyrell Williams and John Brown. Do I grab one of those guys instead or just take a chance with the guys I have.

The players on my bench that I could drop are:
Kyle Rudolph or Martellus Bennett (drop one, keep one)
Jamaal Charles
D’Onta Foreman


I’m in a similar boat, I have M Thomas, and D Thomas on my team. Thankfully I have Diggs to fill one of their spots, but the other I’m trying to decide between Tyrell Williams and John Brown with Funchess on the waivers. Right now I’m leaning towards Williams though. I don’t think I like Watkins against Seattle


Grab Williams


Thank guys ! Any ideas on who should I drop to grab Williams ?


personally i’d drop Bennett, not done a great deal so far and he probably wont be picked up from the WW if you want to go back for him next week.


I agree I’m probably going to have to drop one of my TEs. I was initially going to drop Bennett but then Rodgers spoke about how they needed to find ways to get him involved early in the game and I was like ok maybe there’s potential here. On the other hand Rudolph has done nothing as well but I think he will be fine once Bradford comes back. The question is when is he coming back lol


The TE situation has been awful all year so far. You might still be able to get someone safer off the WW.