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WR's to consider for week 1


I have three choices -
Amari Cooper v. Rams. Feel like he is the best player available, but I hate the matchup.
Corey Davis v. Dolphins. Feels like a slightly better matchup, but he might get Xavien Howard a lot and he is an up and coming shut down corner.
Anthony Miller v. Green Bay - Should be a high scoring matchup and Green Bay was exploitable in the slot last year. Obvious factor here is very unproven player.


Start … your … studs!


But none of these guys are studs…


To me Amari cooper has the more upside and could really be a stud this year


Cooper is the play


I agree, I think he will be a stud this year, hence why I drafted him. I just dont see it in this match up.


He’s currently ranked 20th for this week, with 23 as his lowest spot. Anything in top 25 is wr2 and IMO counts as a stud. you shouldn’t be debating who to start until wr3 unless you have guys close in rankings.