WR's to consider for week 1

I have three choices -
Amari Cooper v. Rams. Feel like he is the best player available, but I hate the matchup.
Corey Davis v. Dolphins. Feels like a slightly better matchup, but he might get Xavien Howard a lot and he is an up and coming shut down corner.
Anthony Miller v. Green Bay - Should be a high scoring matchup and Green Bay was exploitable in the slot last year. Obvious factor here is very unproven player.

Start … your … studs!

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But none of these guys are studs…

To me Amari cooper has the more upside and could really be a stud this year


Cooper is the play

I agree, I think he will be a stud this year, hence why I drafted him. I just dont see it in this match up.

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He’s currently ranked 20th for this week, with 23 as his lowest spot. Anything in top 25 is wr2 and IMO counts as a stud. you shouldn’t be debating who to start until wr3 unless you have guys close in rankings.

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