WRs vs Ramsey, anyone got the numbers?

My matchup ended yesterday so I’m looking forward to week 16 and have Goodwin vs Ramsey. Does anyone have the numbers on him vs WRs on the season to see how risky of a play that would be?

No chance I play Goodwin against Ramsey in what I would assume is the finals. I actually dropped Goodwin knowing I would never play him

even after getting 12 targets this week? My wonder on him is if his volume alone can counteract ramsey. Say he gets 5 for 75 and a td on 15 targets, well that’s still a solid day. But that’s why i’m wondering what other WRs have done against ramsey. Hopkins was a monster both games this year against him.

Hopkins had 4 80 1 this week on 13 targets against him, 7 55 1 the first game. Def not monster games, but he didn’t crap your team. Hopkins is also much better than Goodwin as well.

Robby Anderson had like 3 60
A Brown had 10 150ish, also a the best WR in the game
Woods had 5 70
TY 2 27
K Allen 4 50
Baldwin 3 80 1

I couldn’t break down if Ramsey was on each player the whole game, but you can get 5 60 from someone not being covered by Ramsey, which is the route I would lean in the finals personally.


works for me. I’m going to wait on a waiver for woods and then it’ll be a debate of woods or diggs most likely.

2 solid choices if you ask me. Depending on matchup of course

Ekler is out now too so this got messier. I now can grab Cobb or K. Cole as well.

I like Cole, but chasing points scares me.

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my only counterpoint on cole, and the reason i’m considering, is he’s 12,17,28 over the last three which starts to get to stay in the flames territory, and the week 16 matchup is San Fran

True, but SF has not been a pushover lately either

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