WTF Drop WHO ? Gotta drop 3

1st place 1/2 PPR and i’m 13 and 1.
Our Championship game week 17.

I need a TE…

Here are my options.

  1. I have Doyle…but he plays Thursday…I am a bit worried about him

  2. A guy who I think will be a good ONE WEEK streamer just got dropped and is on waivers.

BUT because of my IR (prevents me from adding, when not designated for IR anymore) I will need to drop 3 players to get him.

Would drop.

  1. Docson
  2. Gallman
  3. very solid DB

To pick up the TE for one week.

I also have Olsen but don’t trust.

I play 8th ranked guy BUT he should be ranked 3rd or 4th. Strong team.

What would you do???

You ever going to roster doctson this db or gallman. And do you see any of those drops hurting you if your opennent picks up?

Who’s the TE stream?

Personally It seems like more work to drop all of those players unless said tight end is one of the 4 major players in Gronk, Ertz, Kelce, or Graham. I would stick with Doyle, I mean your 13-1 for a reason and Denver has been a plus matchup to tight ends all season. However the 3 players mentioned don’t offer much value either so if you’re willing to put in the work of dropping them with the thought that said TE makes your team better, go for it. Good luck buddy