WW/Bench pickups for upside

1/2 pt PPR - Gio, Justice Hill, Justin Jackson - Pick 2 of the 3.
Currently have at RB - Fournette, Gurley, Ekeler, Devin Singletary

Jackson is an no brainer, he shouldn’t be on waivers
I think Gio and Hill are pretty irrelevant, currently, on their own. Both guys become very relevant if the starter is hurt or if their role expands. I don’t think Gio’s role will expand, its always been the same, and I think it even decreases when AJ Green gets back. Meanwhile, if Bal is ever loosing, we have no idea who the 3rd down and 2min RB is; so, Hill’s role could grow.
Predicting injury is inconsistent and even though Mixon was dinged up, Ingram is just as likely to get hurt next week as Mixon. So, I think you need to pick the guy whose role could grow without injury and that’s Hill

Jackson and Hill

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Thanks, after reading a few other articles and looking at Hill’s snap counts and touches, from week 1, I came to the same conclusion. Also, assuming he continues to do well and grow, I feel like he’ll at least overtake Gus the Bus for #2 duties, whereas Gio has to have a Mixon injury to really contribute.

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