WW Move - for a K

Hey guys, need to drop one for a K:

  • Jeudy (have Sutton)
  • Edmonds (don’t have Drake)

Rest of team:
Wrs: Hopkins, Kupp, Sutton, Boyd, Diontae, Jeudy

Rbs: Kamara, Conner, Gibson, Moss, Edmonds

Planned to save Edmonds as potential flyer, but don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Most of the time you are not going to be play Sutton and Jeudy at the same time. Edmonds is interesting if Drake gets injured. As long as Suttons injury is not more serious then what they say i would feel ok with dropping Jeudy


I’d keep Edmonds if you can. I had to drop for a Def earlier this week and immediately regretted it! Went back and dropped Moss for Edmonds pickup.

Dropping Jeudy would be my pick based on your question.

Any chance you are rostering more than 1 QB in a start one quarterback league? More then 1 TE without tight premium scoring?

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