WW Pickup - Boyd or Ridley?

And who should I drop amongst the following:

John Brown
Keelan Cole
Chris Godwin

Comes down to opportunity, other weapons, and QB play.

Boyd may have more opportunity depending on AJ Green’s health, but Ridley has been hot fire. He already has more TDs then Julio this year and last year combined.

QB play Matt Ryan > Andy Dalton.

Green = Julio
Mixon + Gio < Freeman + Coleman

For me, I picked up Ridley last week before he blew up and I’m snagging Boyd in another league where Ridley is already taken. Sorry if I didn’t help at all lol.

Thanks for the input. I’m leaning towards Ridley because of the upside but think Boyd would provide more consistency…who would you recommend I drop from the players I mentioned?

Keelan cole #1 on his offense
Godwin #2/3 (desean jackson)
Enunwa (#1)
Brown (#1a/b with Crabtree)

It’s a tough call on who to drop, they are all very similar players.