WWYD - 2 QB keeper edition

10-team league… 2 QBs… Through a killer draft and good trades, I went 12-1 (only stopped from being undefeated by Derrick Henry on one of his amazing weeks).

I need to choose two keepers from a great pool:
D. Johnson
A. Kamara
P. Mahomes
M. Thomas
Z. Ertz
A. Thielen

I am definitely keeping Kamara (barring injury in pre-season, obv), but because of the 2 QB setup, and the fact that people in my league do tend to draft QBs earlier than average, I am leaning Mahomes for my second keeper.

Would you keep Mahomes?
If not, then who?

Good luck in 2019/20, everyone…

So I’m assuming you pick last in the draft or at least at the end, so I would keep Kamara and david Johnson. I tend to be in favor of waiting on qbs and I think it would be more likely that mahomes falls to the end of the first rather than david Johnson or one of your wrs, but I would go Kamara and johnson

Thanks for your thoughts. Sorry… yes, I pick last this year. I am quite sure that there will be other QB keepers (Watson, for sure), and I’m being honest when I say that there will be at least four or five QBs gone by the time it comes round to me again… it’s just one of those leagues.

That said, DJ is the only one I am seriously considering other than Mahomes.

I guess that is a win for you, can get 2 more players at the level of Michael Thomas or juju then since you pick 10 and 11. I would still wait and grab a qb with your 3rd or 4th pick