XFL Fantasy Leagues

Hey there! A couple of friends and I were wanting to do a XFL fantasy league but were unsure as to if any of the big apps/sites were hosting leagues. Does anyone know which platform we could use?

We don’t know any of the players so we are doing an autodraft and then to avoid reading about WR3s in the XFL we are keeping it to a 4 man or 6 man league.

if you find a site that supports it do give us an update that sounds like an interesting time that i think some of my guys would enjoy too

Will do! From some preliminary searches it looks like ESPN would be the app that would most likely host it since the XFL and ESPN have a partnership but it looks like everything is still in pretty early stages unfortunately

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1/10/2020 update: https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NFL/2020/01/10/Oliver-Luck-High-scoring-XFL-to-have-fantasy-football-component/5721578671595/

“We are in discussions with a number of potential fantasy providers,” Luck said. “I can’t give a timeline. Obviously, we start the season in 30 days. We need to get it announced and done by then, but there will be a fantasy component to our league.”

That’s great- couple of friends of mine are also talking about starting an XFL Fantasy League. Funny and awesome to know we’re not along.

If any platform does an XFL league we should link up again and get some leagues going with the foot clan.


Also looking to join or start an XFL FFL. To fill in the gap till NFL FFL starts agian.

Hey guys,
Still hoping an official platform is announced; however, there is a site available now for those of you interested. It’s called altfantasysports.com.

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I’m looking for an xfl league. Anyone else looking to start one? I would be willing to. I’m thinking 4 or 6-team on altfantasysports.com.

Ive been looking everywhere for a site that’s supporting it but haven’t found any, most people are saying they’re doing one by hand, but if you find anything, love to be involved if you find something.

My kid and I started a 6 team XFL league, we need 4 more teams if anyone is interested?


Do you still have space available in your XFL Fantasy league? I went to the link and accepted your invite but don’t think I’m actually included?

We’re all filled up sorry!

No problem. Enjoy the season!

Just started up a 6 teamer, need 4 more teams. Given the Saturday start, our Draft will be Tomorrow Night, Thursday the 6th, at 8pm Eastern.

Start 1QB/1RB/1WR/1TE/3Flex(W/R/T) No Kicker, No Defense.
Full point PPR.


I’m in! Is there a fee or just playing for bragging rights?

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I didn’t go with a buy in, simply because I have no idea how this season is going to play out or if the XFL will make it through an entire season. I hope that’s OK with you.

Also, the league is now filled. That happened quickly!

Hi Walt!

Here’s my email address: aheine4@gmail.com

I’m totally fine with no buy in. Just glad you organized a league! I’m already going through withdrawals from the NFL season. Lol

Can’t wait for the draft tomorrow night and games this weekend! Let’s hope this league can make it—sounds promising so far.

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I’m not sure about you, but we’re having a lot of trouble with the draft site. Several picks were not correct. It’s crashed a few times. It’s the only site that is doing XFL though.

I had a ton of trouble doing the draft! I mean who would draft 2 QBs in this league?! Lol anyway…I have a team. It looks like 1 team dropped out? I’m hoping we’re still playing?

Ok, so a lot of issues last night, a team hit the wrong button, and left the league, which caused the draft board to almost duplicate. His players went back into the draft, and it was a mess. We all had some bad autopicks. One guy took a kicker in the 2nd round and we don’t start kickers.

I touched base with that group this AM, we’d all like to play and since the website was basically unusable, I wanted to gauge your interest in re-drafting on Saturday morning. Because one team is completely empty (and it looks like some other team tried to join?) I think our best bet since there is no buy in and this is for fun, is to re draft.

The Saturday morning thought being we avoid a Friday night rush, similar to last night. We have 6 full teams and get it done before the start of games.

We are all east coast, so curious about your time zone, we were thinking 9am eastern.

Frankly, I like my roster a lot ha, but I think it’s best for the league to give everyone a fair shot and a full draft.

Let me know,