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Yahoo Continual Rolling Waivers


Can anyone tell me how the heck this works? I’m used to FAAB and/or weekly waivers.

So the settings in this league is continual rolling list, 1 day waiver time, no weekly waivers.

So, questions:

When you bid on someone, does it notify the league or is it blind?

Does one day mean 24 hours after a bid is put in, or do waivers run at midnight the next day, or???

In this format isn’t streaming going to screw you because you’ll always be bottom of the waivers?


So um…???


Hey guys. Any thoughts?


Anyone? Anyone at all?


It’s blind. When a player is dropped, they’re on waivers for a full 2 days, although your league looks to be set up for just 1 full day. When the draft is submitted, all undrafted players are placed on waivers for a full 2 days, 1 day by your league settings. In season, when a free agents game starts, he is placed on waivers for a full 2 days, 1 day in your league. The waiver priority begins after the draft with the team that selected last having the highest priority and the team that selected 1st having the lowest priority.

You need to be careful using your waiver claims however. If you know a lot of your leagues teams will be going after a player on waivers and you want him, you need to put a claim on him. If it’s someone flying under the radar and you think you’re the only one that wants him, wait for him to clear waivers and pick him up when he’s listed as a free agent. When you get someone off waivers, you then go to the back of the line in your league as far as waiver priority.

Hope this helps.


Oh so after the one day they are free agents? Ok that’s easy then. I was thinking that continuous rolling waivers meant that these guys were always subject to waivers and never free agents, and I was trying to figure out how that would work.

Thank you very much for the response!