Yahoo dynasty league

Looking to join or even start up a dynasty league, anyone have any open spots or in the same boat?

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a startup to join. I’m trying to avoid an empire league and do a traditional dynasty. The traditional dynasty leagues seem like they fill up quickly though.

I’m in for a start-up dynasty ,

Looks like Flea Flicker might be a better choice to start one, if you all are open to joining a new one I can start a league

JordaNick is inviting you to play in a free Fantasy Football league on Fleaflicker. Follow the link below to start playing:

League name: Footballers Dynasty

Set up a new league, free to join
FAB system
1qb, 2wr,2rb,1te, 2Flex, 1def, 1k

Draft is 8/28, but can be moved up

Deleted league found someone doing a yahoo one

Anyone want in on a free dynasty start up league. Drafts at 8 pm central tonight. Need 11 people. Click link 3

This is the one I joined, found on here

start one up @njordan97

I’m interested if there are still openings!