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Yahoo/ESPN mock grades


Sorry for the newbie question, but I searched and didn’t see anything that might be relevant. How much stock (if any) do you guys put into the draft grades from Yahoo/ESPN/etc.? I did a mock yesterday that I felt OK about (as much as you can feel ok drafting 12th), but received an F. (Draft below if you’re interested.)

Am I reading too much into this? I was looking for values in different tiers during the draft, but didn’t expect an F. I’m usually an A student!

  1. Jordy Nelson (GB - WR)
  2. DeMarco Murray (Ten - RB)
  3. Mike Gillislee (NE - RB)
  4. Jordan Reed (Was - TE)
  5. Terrance West (Bal - RB)
  6. Golden Tate (Det - WR)
  7. Cam Newton (Car - QB)
  8. Jeremy Maclin (Bal - WR)
  9. DeSean Jackson (TB - WR)
  10. Matt Forte (NYJ - RB)
  11. Darren McFadden (Dal - RB)
  12. Marvin Jones Jr. (Det - WR)
  13. Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)
  14. Alvin Kamara (NO - RB)
  15. Graham Gano (Car - K)


If you want good mock grades, select the player at the top of the list every time. If you want to win leagues, keep drafting the way you did. That roster is not a “F”, pretty balanced roster with some decent value picks mixed in. I give it a C+

Put ZERO stock in mock grades!


Thanks. That’s about what I figured, but wanted to see if that was common. Yahoo was making some (IMO) crazy recommendations.