Yahoo Keeper settings help needed

So I changed my league to a keeper league this year and we are setting it up so that you give up your pick 1 round above wherever you drafted the player last year, unless it was a waiver pickup and then you use your 5th round pick. Also you are not allowed to keep anyone from your first 2 rounds the previous season.

My questions are:

  1. How does everyone see where they drafted the player last year?
  2. It says to set the draft picks etc. up by using the custom draft tool, however when I try to go there, it tells me I can not use that for an offline draft? ( So does that mean I just have to keep track of all of that info and manually enter it round by round?

Thanks in advance all.

We use a similar rule, and run on espn…
If you have a live draft with sticker board, then have everyone take a photo of board after draft. I’m not familiar with yahoo, but on espn you can view a “draft recap” from previous season (on league history tab).

…and we “manually” apply our keepers to the later rounds we want them in. (Not the default 1st/2nd round picks that keepers apply on ESPN).

You won’t be able to do this on offline drafts. I use “Clicky Draft” for ours. I just have to manually add everyone’s teams to ESPN after the draft, which sucks lol. I know Sleeper might have this option available, but I’m not sure.