Yahoo League - FAAB Question (Concerning Covid)?

We just converted to FAAB a couple of years ago.

What is the best way to keep FAAB in Yahoo, yet still be able to have the waiver wire open on game day in case there are some last minute scratches?

We never have IR spots. I am comfortable opening all IR spots up for covid benchings only and with adding 2 extra roster spots to allow someone to hold an extra TE or QB (No certain number of each position but for the purpose of being able to go two deep at those positions)

To have the wire open before kickoff on Sunday for pick up I just going to have to go in and manually open the wire up say from two hours before game time and close it again at kick off?

What will this do with the FAAB settings. If I change it to open and then set it back to FAAB will it reset everyone’s FAAB dollar amounts? If do will I just have to manually keep track?

Thanks guys.