Yahoo League (Not) drafting K/DEF

Hey Footclan!! Hoping somebody has a deeper knowledge about Yahoo! regarding the draft settings.

I am always not certain if there would be an error when you finish the draft without a K/DEF in the roster. I want to change that setting for this year (if such settings exist) so that our league has the option of not drafting the position for more skill positions.
Judging by the looks of everything, it seems like there wouldn’t be an issue for not drafting any K/DEF at all, but I don’t want there to be any issues after we draft.

Thanks in advance!

On yahoo you should be fine. I think ESPN requires you to draft all your starters. It’s been a while since I’ve done an online draft on Yahoo, though. You could try a mock draft on Yahoo? Pretty sure if it lets you there, you’ll be good for your actual draft.

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Oh great idea on the mock! I will try that right now.
Thank you!