Yahoo non-ppr 12 team league draft Aug 22, 730pm central

Anyone want to do a non PPR standard league? Draft Aug 22 at 730PM central time.

1 QB
3 WR
2 RB
1 TE
1 K
7 BN

snake draft, random yahoo assigned order. 50$ buy in.
1st place $500, second place $100

no waiver system, first come first serve, be on your toes at all times.


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im very down! let me know,

Im in., but thats if you can get 12. I don’t like 10 teamers.

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same here. 12 or nothing

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we have 3 so far, yall invite friends if you have some that would want in

I’m down to play.

sent to you brett.
we have 4 now

Accepted. I may have a friend that would play. Would it be cool to tell them about it

I might be interested. Are you saying no waiver periods at all ie. free agents all the time. Would prefer at least 0.5 PPR. Don’t care if 10 or 12 teams.

non ppr, just standard league. would love to have conversation about why. and you are correct, if youre watching a game and you see someone get hurt or make a nice play, you can go pick up a player right then and there, no waiting until tuesday/wednesday

I’ve never been on a team with no waivers. My sense is that the typical standard waivers periods with a few free agent periods, typically Wednesday, Thursday, (and Saturday I think) levels the playing field. Otherwise, those with more free time get to pick up free agents whenever.

i understand if you want to do a league where you only have to pay attention a few days a week, this one will be more competitive than that