Yahoo ranked my draft 10 of 10 (used tier based ranking to draft). What do you guys think

QB Allen
WR Cooper
WR Chark
RB Jacobs
RB Drake
TE J. Smith
FLEX R. Woods

M. Brown
A. Gibson

It’s hard to believe that’s last-place material! My guess would be that their projections are a little low on Allen & Jonnu, & so that’s pushing it down?

I’d see if you could move 1 (or 2!) of the bottom 3 names to give yourself another TE option… with only 10 teams, someone probably has a Hurst / Gesicki / Fant kind of guy as their backup, & maybe you can find a win-win deal there!

Other than that, I like the team! IDK that it’s a clear-cut juggernaut, but with savvy management in-season, I think you’ll be in the race all the way into the playoffs! Best of luck this season!

Fant happens to be on the waiver wire, Ill consider dropping gibson and picking him up!

Honestly, I’d probably hold Gibson over some of your other bench guys… you could maybe look at trading 2-for-1 to open up a spot (maybe a bench guy + Mattison to the Dalvin Cook owner?)…

Or honestly, as it’s only a 10-team league w/ only 6 guys on your bench, I’d consider only rostering 1 TE throughout the season & streaming based on weekly matchups, at least unless / until you hit someone who blows up. There will still be plenty of TE depth on the waiver wire if only 120 players are rostered.

Do not drop Gibson. See what he can do. He has a good path to touches this year. And I don’t know that with such a shallow roster I’d want to hold 2 TEs. With him being available it means your league doesn’t value TE depth much. I’d instead see if you can try to do a 2 for 1 and upgrade somewhere, TE, WR depth or QB using your bench RB depth and if you do that maybe you grab Fant with your extra slot. I just wouldn’t rush to get 2 QBs. Having that RB depth is good unless you can use it to upgrade at a position, not just get a 2 Nd TE.