Yahoo says C-! Did I fumble with the UDK?

Second year using the UDK and for a second year Yahoo puts me at the bottom of the league! Am I doing something wrong here? 4th pick, .5 pt ppr.

Aaron It Out!

  1. (4) [David Johnson]
  2. (21) [Rob Gronkowski]
  3. (28) [Larry Fitzgerald]
  4. (45) [Golden Tate]
  5. (52) [Dion Lewis]
  6. (69) [Matt Breida]
  7. (76) [Ben Roethlisberger]
  8. (93) [Nelson Agholor]
  9. (100) [Jamison Crowder]
  10. (117) [Sony Michel]
  11. (124) [Kelvin Benjamin]
  12. (141) [Devontae Booker]
  13. (148) [James White]
  14. (165) [Marlon Mack]
  15. (172) [Carolina]

Na dude I wouldn’t put too much stock into those generated draft grades. You should be fine

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I value yahoo draft grades the same way I valued McKinnon in the off season.

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Thank you guys so much! Is there anybody that you would drop to pick up a kicker?

Booker. He’s bad. There’s no way around it. It’s freemans job.

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I got a C- draft grade from Yahoo last year and won my league. At the end of the year they degraded my draft and gave me an A. Don’t put any stock into it.