Yahoo Standard League. Trade Hilton for Hunt?

I’ve been offered Kareem Hunt and Crabtree for Hilton and gore. My WRs are jordy, hilton and Jefferyand my Rbs are Murray, gillislee, Abdullah and gore. Should I do it?

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I would do this. Crabtree is a top 15 guy in himself and Hunt could be a top 5 back with his talent and volume.

Thanks for your feedback

This is an RB1 (Hunt) & High WR2 (Crabtree) for a WR1 (Hilton) and RB3 (Gore) in my opinion. I would definitely do it. You already have target monster WRs with upside in Jordy and Jeffery. Crabtree will add a strong floor, and with Luck out for possibly the first few weeks, he’ll also provide early season value without the question marks on Hilton. You get a guaranteed lock at your 2 RB spots as none of your RB depth comes close to Hunt.

I would do it for sure… mostly because i like Crabtree, hate gore, and TY is useless until luck comes back… that could take 4-5 weeks and he could come back looking like trash… Hunt will be a safe RB because of volume… but also temper expectations… Volume alone doesn’t make you a locked in RB1… ask Lamar Miller. I’m not saying he doesn’t have that upside… but he’s also not very athletic and he’s never been absolutely dominant in college coming from a small school… everyone acting like he’s the next Jamaal Charles… and this is coming from a guy who drafted him in every league BEFORE the ware injury lol…

Do it, no question. I actually think it’s a low end WR1, and an a RB1 for a WR2 (at best, if Luck misses any real time) and RB3.