Yahoo vs Sleeper for Leagues

This question was raised during a Mailbag segment on a recent podcast so I am raising it here.

I am confused as to why, contrary to previous years, most of the Leagues being started are using Sleeper -rather than Yahoo or ESPN- other than the fact that it is really easy to start a league using Sleeper.

I have liked the Sleeper App for giving ‘breaking news’ on players and overall general information on individual players for determining who to draft, but while it has, more recently, directed efforts to host leagues, I don’t think it yet provides the overall environment that other sites have developed over several years.

I have been playing FFB for several years and have come to rely on all the extra information provided by (particularly) Yahoo and ESPN. In addition, both venues provide mature mobile phone and tablet (eg. iPad) apps. The Sleeper App for iPhones for drafting and in-season league information is limited and doesn’t provided a landscape view so you are limited to what you can see in Portrait view, albeit with lateral scrolling. There is no specific tablet/IPad app. It seems that the Sleeper people are really invested in improving the app so in the future I’m sure it has a good chance of being as good or better than the other host sites.

I have absolutely no connection to other sites. I’m just a long time player hoping to join a league preferably using Yahoo and, so far, there are hardly any.

Trying sleeper this year and so far I like it. Love how the draft board looks though like you said wish it had a landscape view but scrolling is easy. We will see how it plays out but I’m down with ESPN their app has been trash last few years

I also have found the ESPN site difficult to navigate and I don’t particularly like the graphical interface. Already, some visual aspects of the Sleeper site are better than ESPN. However, the Yahoo site is excellent in almost every respect.

I have only used Yahoo for Hockey (one year) but I prefer it to Sleeper, by a mile.

I’m not a fan of Sleeper.

It’s likely based on my past combined experience using NFL/ESPN/MFL. Pretty (as in Sleeper’s most spoken about quality) does not equal better. And in this case I cannot do half of what I want.

Cannot easily look at all rosters at the same time. This is typically my first step to making a trade. Asking which team is RB needy to offer up a trade?

Can perform this in MFL/ESPN/NFL/ect.