Yahoo Waiver Claim Question

I had a question on how Yahoo waiver claims work. One of our teams put in a waiver claim Wednesday morning (we drafted Tuesday). The player is playing in the Thursday night game tonight, but it is saying it won’t process until Friday…why is that?

|Waiver Time:|2 days|
|Waiver Type:|Continual rolling list|
|Weekly Waivers|Game Time - Tuesday|

It is a full 2-days. So Wed and Thurs and will process on Fri. I would talk to the commissioner about changing the settings to 1 day or just pushing through that one pick-up. Kind of unfair with draft Tuesday.

Waiver time @ 2 days is what is happening. Players dropped will be on waivers for 2 whole days and able to be claimed/claim processed the following day. Your commish can change that setting but for now this player will not be available for anyone for thursday’s game.

Okay, yeah, we thought it had something to do with that 2 day thing. Thanks!

I’ve seen this before. FYI, he’s listed as clearing waivers 2 days after the draft (rounding up), but as soon as he plays in his game, his waiver date changes until Tuesday the following week.