Yay or Nay? Ridley and Curtis Samuel for Hooper?

.5 - 12 Team

Vance (FML) - waiting on news but doesn’t look good

Bench: Ridley, DJax, Tate, Curtis Sam, Miles

In need of a TE and there is absolutely nothing available - Hooper owner is asking for Curtis Samuel and Ridley

Waiver consists of Vernon, Knox, Ben Watson, Doyle, Vannett - graveyard!!

I could try and see if he will throw in DK Metcalf.


If you do both WRs see if you can get another RB for depth.

Owner doesn’t have RB’s - Bell, Fournette and Gus Edwards. I think he’s leaning towards just Ridley for Hooper straight up - I misunderstood his offer.

If so, I’m sending Ridley asap - I like Ridley but I have the WR depth

Yeah I think that’s okay. I’d still rather have Ridley but you are in need of TE so you gotta do what you gotta do. Its a good trade for what you are needing and your current depth. Samuel should be pretty good with Allen

Reports are that Vance might play but I’m not sure if I should risk it. Torn at the moment - one more bad shot to his shoulder might put him out for longer - I don’t like rostering 2 TE’s