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Yay or Nay. Trade offer


I got offered this trade

Julio,Royce, and agholor

for my
CMC, Thielen, Garcon


PPR or standard?


My line up currently




My league is full PPR


I say no. Royce just a huge dropoff at RB. Booker and Lindsey both going to see a lot of PT.


Damn, that’s a close one but full PPR, I’m keeping CMAC.

The gap from Thielen to JJ is smaller than the gap from Royce to CMac. Also, not a huge fan of Agholor. Don’t like Garcon either but those two kind of cancel out.


ok. I am thinking about counter offer of

Julio , dalvin cook

for my 3

is that better equal value?


Yes, much better and I wouldn’t do it for less… and Im a Falcons fan.


ok thanks guys. I will try to counter offer. :slight_smile:


That’s definitely much closer in value. From a value perspective, JJ/Cook side wins. Personally, I’d still rather have CMAC side in a full PPR but I am much higher on him than most.


Same here. Im high on CMAC as well. I was 9/10 pick and got him on the turn in second round.

The thing is, i have DIggs AND THIELEN! didnt want to draft both vikings but thielen kept dropping and i had to pick him upfor the value. I think i got him in the 4th or 5th round. (Late)

I would like to trade thielen. Is Fitz for thelien good trade?


I would take Fitz for Thielen pretty quickly. Thielen’s ceiling was last year for me. I don’t see him putting up anywhere near the same numbers.

5th round for Thielen is good value. I’d take fitz over him.