Year 3 of a 2-Keeper league. Need 1 replacement owner

Hey footclan im having a member leave out 0.5ppr footclan keeper league and im looking for a replacement owner who’s committed and loves fantasy football.

We have an active group chat on the app GroupMe. Its $20 buy in as it stands but we have multiple polls in the offseason to try to improve the league each year.

Its on ESPN right now but will be having a vote on whether to move to sleeperbot.

This is the team im looking to replace

If anyones interested DM me on here or message on the thread ill be checking both


it says league is private so i cannot view team. what is the penalty for the keeper?

so theres 2 keepers, 1 per position with a +1 round penalty every year. Can be anyone that was drafted in the previous years draft