Yeldon/Boyd for Hopkins

Considering making this offer to the Fournette owner. Is that a slap in the face to that owner, or a legit offer?

I don’t think so. I wouldn’t want Yeldon that badly if I was a Fournette owner. Would rather wait a few weeks and pray. If Boyd was maybe Robert Woods or something like that, I’d be more open to it.

What about Diggs?

that’s a pretty bad offer - throw it out there see what sticks

Hell yeah. But if I were you, I would not do that trade I don’t think. How are your RB’s/WR’s overall?

Diggs would make it more interesting - also depends on this guys record. If he needs an RB and wins now then the trade would make more sense

RB: Hunt, Barkley, Yeldon, A Jones, K Johnson
WR: Diggs, Boyd, J Brown, Callaway (probably going to pick up M Williams next week when Burton comes back)

How about Yeldon + KJ/A Jones + Boyd/Brown? That might give me pause on the other side of this – esp if I am really hurting bad at RB as a direct result of Fournette being injured.

You’re basically giving him Fournette back, so think of it in terms of how valuable Fournette is when he’s healthy. I feel like the above offer might get him interested, and it would help you dramatically without losing anything essential to your team. Your team would be amazing after that, actually.

Definitely something to consider. thanks very much for input. I don’t want to approach with a weak offer. But you see where i’m trying to get to. RB1/Barkley, RB2/Hunt, WR1/Hopkins, WR2/Diggs or Boyd, then create flex depth.

Yep, that would be ideal. I would hold out on this if he won’t budge on you not including DIggs at least until after this game though – Yeldon should have a big game against KC and that will hopefully make him want Yeldon a lot more. Or you can emphasize that point to him now – that he is getting Yeldon in time for that matchup.

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