Yeldon FAAB

Fournette owner. How much of a $100 faab should I be spending on Yeldon?

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In the same boat man. It’s kind of hard to gauge because hes just going to be a stash if Fournette continues to play.

I know it’s week 1, but this is a HAMMY. I was thinking around $27? OVER/UNDER? I also have J Howard, Kerryon, R Freeman, Breida and Penny. I got BODIED week 1 and don’t want to start 0-2.

Under. Fournette said he’s fine.

Yeah I wasn’t thinking anything that high. I think I would only give up that kind of money for someone I know would be a sure fire starter the rest of the year. I was thinking like $10 or so. He said hes fine and the coach seems optimistic but like you said it is a hammy and fournette has a history of nagging injuries. If you have bench space to stash him I would try to do it.

Depends on how competitive your league is tbh. Hamstrings are nagging injuries. Doesn’t really go away all season. If you’re a fournette owner, given the risk, and what you saw last night from Yeldon, I’d definitely spend to secure that roster slow.