Yeldon for landry

Is there a world where I can swing yeldon to the fournette owner for Jarvis Landry? He is struggling at the RB position with fournette being out.

If he has another strong WR then possibly yes. If its full PPR maybe not just given the targets Landry gets but if you can this would be a good result given Landry’s run of fixtures coming up

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If you can do that, it would be a sell high on Yeldon and buy low on Landry given his last 2 games and the “emergence” of other playmakers in CLE


If he’s desperate, possibly.

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I work with the guy and was talking to him about it this morning… he’s definitely mulling the decision… right now he is having to use the tandem of R. Freeman and Lindsay for his RB and it just isn’t producing like yeldon could be… we’ll see what happens.

As others have said it just depends on his WR. I drafted Jarvis high knowing his ceiling isnt insane but he’s consistent and made the rest of my roster around it so i’d never do that. but most people who draft jarvis don’t thik that way so maybe. Fournette owners are beyond desperate this season.

It’s really a possibility that Fournette isn’t right until the bye. He’s already been deemed out for Sunday a week ahead of time that’s a red flag that this is taking some serious recovery/rehab. If he has a solid WR1 and depth I think Fournette owners are so desperate now they may well go for it.

Yeldons value is good enough. I just traded Yeldon for Landry myself in my 12 team standard, I was in dire need of a solid WR2 and loaded at RB. Landry owner wasn’t a Fournette owner but had Ajayi and I preyed on his tolt after the news broke on Ajayi. It can be done