Yeldon or Allen

I have to drop one for a defense. I picked up Buck Allen as insurance as I have Alex collins. But if fournette doesn’t play then yeldon would be a good start or could be traded to the fournette owner. Do you think Allen could be the man in the ravens backfield or is it safe to drop him?

I think you should be starting collins tonight and if you drop allen he wont be available for anyone else to take for a few days. Yeldon might end up being worth starting come sunday but you’re not going to know that until then and someone would for sure take him as soon as you drop him

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This is the answer. I don’t mind Allen as a play if Collins goes down, but if you have to drop one for a D then my vote would be Allen so that he locks after tonight. But I would rather take Yeldon’s upside if Fournette goes down (but it looks like he’s playing this week).

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Good points about Allen being locked after today’s game. I agree about Yeldon having more upside, just didn’t to lose out on the ravens backfield if Collins gets benched. But playing scared doesn’t win leagues. Dropping Buck!

I dont think he will or did get benched, they had enough of a lead that they didnt want to risk collins being injured last week. I don’t think they will blow the bungles out - line is -1 it should be a close game.

Yeah I’m still thinking that Collins is the man there. But he fumbled week 1 and didn’t play much after that. I’m hoping it was just because of the blowout and wanting to save him with a short week this week. I just don’t think his job is as secure as a lot of starting RBs, so hopefully he plays well tonight.