Yeldon or james white?

someone dropped white and idk who to go for. white obviously has more upside for the season but yeldon has more upside to me week to week while fournette is down. who is the better option? either one would only be a flex play for me.

I like Yeldon for the short term play. Fournette could be out for 2-4 weeks so he will be the main go to guy. He also is pretty decent in the passing game. White is great too and might be better long term, but if you have room both might be a nice add and then pick vs opponent.

Disagree that white has more upside for the season. White is a situational passing down back. Guys like that are naturally capped on upside. Last week was the best week of his entire career with the exception of the 2016 superbowl. You can’t expect that going forward. White also always starts off hot and then gets phased out of the offense as the season progresses and the lead backs come into play.

Every week that fournette misses, Yeldon has more upside. I’d rather play Yeldon on a weekly basis than White tbh.