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Yeldon or Kelce


What’s everyone’s opinion on who I should start… Travis Kelce or T.J Yeldon?
Who has the higher ceiling and more of a stable floor?


Why can you start both




Due to the way league has lineups I can’t play both without sacrificing other key pieces


I wouldnt change the lineup you have right now but if I had to I would start yeldon over conner


That’s kind of what I’m thinking… I just don’t know conner’s value if the Steelers start throwing all game. Yeldon has always been a pass catcher


Go with your gut


I think I’d play D Adams over Golladay. Esp with the injuries GB has.


I might also play Yeldon over Kelce.


I would still play Conner over Yeldon. Conner is involved in the game even when the steelers throw the ball. Personnally I would start Yeldon over Kelce.


I played conner, yeldon, and Adams… needless to say… I demolished my opponent


I appreciate the input footclan!