Yeldon to Fournette owner

Was offered Boyd for Yeldon but was told to go for more. Newer to trading aspect of fantasy but some advice would be great. What would you go for?
His roster: Qb: Luck, Dalton
Rb: Fournette, Mixon, Hines, ekeler, L. Miller, Crowell.
Wr: Hopkins, Landry, Boyd, Baldwin,
TE: G. Olsen, Kittle
Qb: Brees, Winston
Rb: mcaffrey, zeke, Yeldon, D. Lewis, clement, t. Coleman
Wr: fitz, cooper, m. Jones, j. Brown, A. Jeffery
TE: Burton


I would not do that trade. This guy is desperate and Yeldon will solve all his problems. You need to use that against him. I personally would tell him he needs to include Hopkins or Mixon (he won’t include Mixon because he will be in the same problem he is in now) in the trade to get your attention. Otherwise you aren’t selling.

I would do Yeldon + Fitz/Cooper/Brown for Hopkins. If I am you I hold on to Jeffery and Jones but willing to trade any of the other WR + Yeldon for Hopkins.

He will most likely say no but worth a shot. Fournette is probably out until Week 10 so he needs to ask himself if Mixon and Hines as his starters will get him to the playoffs.


Without knowing your lineup I’d probably take the boyd trade with a stipulation of after this week.

If he wants Yeldon bad enough tell him to give you at least Landry and Boyd. That’s the minimum I would take. You need a bit of WR help IMO.

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I agree with this at the minimum. I would shoot for Hopkins most likely getting turned down, then come back to this.



We should just start a long going thread of ridiculous trade offers. Some of these are quite comical!

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There is no way he gives up hopkins, offer yeldon for Landry straight up. Even though you know he needs yeldon bad, he knows that you dont need him bad. Landry straight up is a mutually benficial offer

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No kidding. He has two weeks before fournette returns. That’s why I say BOYD is a reasonable offer if you can use yeldon against the cowboys this week.

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i agree with you.

but there is no saying that fournette will stay healthy which is why i think he could push for landry

There was a Sleeper report today that said it is very realistic that Fournette does not return until at least week 10. I understand that Hopkins is going to be a no, but in all negotiations you shoot for the stars first. This guy isn’t going to shut down all trade talks because he is offended by an offer. He needs Yeldon and will 100% come back with a counter that beats his original offer which is how he gets to Boyd + Landry.

After reading through my comment it comes off way more rude than it is suppose to. Lol. My apologies. Just saying I think this guy needs to get greedy a little since he has the coveted asset.

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Listen I agree with shooting for the stars but offering a temporary backup RB for Hopkins is going to get someone laughed out of the room (trust me I tried this with our leagues fornette owner and I even coupled Diggs with Yeldon). Yeah he may return week 10 but they have bye week 9. So you have three games left.

That why I say if you can capture 1 of those 3 games and get a very solid WR option in Boyd, it’s a good long term trade.

Just as easily as Fornette could remain injured, AJ Green could too. Then you have a WR1 for the rest of the season when Yeldon is getting minimal work second half of season.