Yet another Keeper question

Took over a team in auction league. You keep one player. Price this year is average of price paid and “pre draft value” as defined by yahoo where league is. This is my first auction league

I have le’Veon and old owner paid $53 for him, this years value is $58 so he would cost me $55/56 not sure how commish will round (hopefully down.)

Team is weak and think he is my only option for a keeper. Since i can only see roster at end of year and price paid, I determined owner dropped $80 in drafted players, this doesn’t seem ideal looking at who was good last year’s roster/auction costs

Here is roster and cost. $0 is a FA pick up
Marcus Mariota (Ten - QB) 7
DeVante Parker (Mia - WR) 15
Danny Amendola (Mia - WR) 0
Aaron Jones (GB - RB) 0
Le’Veon Bell (Pit - RB) 53
O.J. Howard (TB - TE) 2
Theo Riddick (Det - RB) 4
Kenny Stills (Mia - WR) 0
Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Jax - TE) 0
Nelson Agholor (Phi - WR) 0
Amari Cooper (Oak - WR) 34
Marlon Mack (Ind - RB) 0
Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - QB) 2
J.J. Nelson (Ari - WR) 0
Seattle (Sea - DEF) 2

Can’t imagine anyone else on this roster being worth keeping, but maybe i’m wrong. I could still get le’veon at or near that price or gurley (his owner has Kamara for $0 so his keeper cost will be in the $25 range where Gurley will cost him$49) Or Barley for the high priced RB stud.

I should just keep Bell and be done with it and start planning my draft out with $146 budget and Bell, right?

PS i can look up predraft value on any of those player if anyone is interested to help.

PPS Sorry for so many words

I agree with you that Bell is the choice. The Steelers are going to absolutely run him into the ground this year since he most likely will not be a Steeler next year. Sure that increases odds of injury but you know what they say, “scared money don’t make money”. Or something like that.

Anyways, the only other people I would consider are Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack or Amari. I would only want one of those RB if I know for a fact they are starting (which we probably wont know). Cooper is intriguing if you believe that last year was a fluke.

Safe money is Bell for the $2 discount and just plan with $146.

Thanks. Just needed people to tell to stop over thinking. Coopers Pre Draft Value is $24 so i’d be paying a premium to keep him and can probably get him, if i wanted, for less than or around the $30 he’d cost me as a keeper

Just Le’veon for us. We believe Cooper can be gotten for a cheaper price.

Always great to lock down an elite rb. Leveon all day!

Bell is the choice…no question. You cannot give away one of the top RB’s, ever. Keep Bell, grab mid round value RB’s & WR’s with upside and look for bargains to fill that roster.

Just Bell. Any of the other players could be drafted for cheaper than what you would have to pay to keep them.

Ditto to everything said. Only Bell

Bell for sure. Everyone else from the draft. Good luck!