Yet another Lev Bell trade scenario

Assuming Stafford and Powell combine for more than 11.2 points tonight, I’ll have won my week 1 matchup despite losing Mckinnon and Bell.

This is a 3 keeper league, players are kept before the draft (doesn’t cost a draft pick). Would you trade Bell, if so what would you trade for?

I’m debating making the following offer:

Lev Bell, Allen Robinson, a 2019 5th, and a 2019 6th

Joe Mixon, AJ Green, a 2019 1st, and a 2019 3rd

Help me out y’all.

That seems like a fair trade, your upgrading at WR and Getting back a serviceable RB2 for a WR in a new offense and a huge Risk/Reward in Lev Bell. plus your upgrading your picks. the downside is if Lev Bell comes back next week it could hurt in the long run, but I’m leaning toward him staying out till week 10

hope that helps

Yeah, I hate the idea of Bell possibly coming back. And also losing out on him for the future. I think I’m going to make this trade offer. We’ll see what happens.