Yet another Lev Question!

1/2 Point PPR. 10 Team League.
Trying to make a fair offer for Bell and/or Lewis. I’m terrible at telling if I am low-balling while sending trades.

|My Team|--------------|His Team|
|RB|J. Williams|----------|RB|Penny|
|WR|M. Jones|----------|WR|Goodwin|

Any recommendations on trades to send over?


Id offer him McCoy and Henry since he already has Lewis and will likely want to have whoever gets the majority share in TEN. McCoy is a high value but some people (like me) are not high on him this year because of his age/team. That’s what I’d start with though. It works in your favor that Burkhead already has some nagging knee issues (knee sprain) so he may want to have the depth especially if he’s scared of Bell holding out until week 10 like he said he may do.

What should I ask in return then? I’d be shooting myself in the foot if Lev doesn’t play and I give up both of those guys then…

Yeah, that’s the risk, THAT is the only reason he might consider doing it.

McCoy + Henry is a joke. I’d laugh and probably never respond. If he actually took that, I’d jump on it in a heart beat. McCoy also has suspension risk and henry probably isn’t even the best back in that team. Owning Henry and Lewis doesn’t alleviate anything. Ask Murray/henry owners from last year. Start sit decisions are awful.

Honestly, you’re not in much of a position to make an offer for Bell. Your team doesn’t really lend itself well to make this trade. He’s honestly in a better position than you to hold Bell and not trade. Can easily start burkhead and lewis.

Have to agree with @MikeMeUpp here your roster does not lend itself to trading for Bell. You could get it done but not without crippling your roster and if he sits for 10 games your seasons basically done with what you have to give up to get him. Even if he panicked and took a low offer like that you still have a lot of risk yourself with McCoy and Bell, risk that you’re not set up to absorb if the worst happens and you loose both guys for long periods of time