Yet another trade offer

So my team rn is:
D. Brees
E. Elliott
J. Howard
G. Tate
J. Smith-Schuster
R. Seals-Jones
J. Mixon
On the bench I have:
T. Coleman
K. Johnson
K. Benjamin
D. Westbrook
C. Clement
Should I trade my Tevin Coleman and juju smith schuster for Larry Fitzgerald? Or is that giving up too much?

I would do it for the base-line of fitz

I think that’s a solid trade for you, do a little waiver wire picking for Dede and Clement and you’re good to go.

I don’t know. I kind of like your set up. Juju has a really high ceiling to compliment Tate for you. Larry is great , but I feel like him and Tate are veryyy similar (unless that’s what you’re looking for)