Yet N'Other Keeper Question

100 Dollar Auction Budget. Standard. QB 2Wr 2 RB TE K D. No Flex. Keep 2.

Already keeping Kamara for 6.

Ertz for 9
Collins for 7
Howard for 13
Juju for 6

Any help you guys could give would be great!

Howard for 13 without a doubt.

Howard for 13

i really dont want to spend 13% of my budget on howard, but its the best choice. ertz is decent value, but ill let him go so someone can spend too much on him. collins i dont mind for 7… but im not so confident in him having his job all year that ill pay 7%. juju is well worth 6, but that also means giving up your second RB to keep him. and this year is the RB hype year like we have never seen. the prices for these guys are going to be high. so ill take having a starting 2 for 19% of my budget. find your values later on with your WRs. well, also juju just isnt AS worth it in standard.