Yooooooo! Need some trade help!

Hey Guys,
10 team .5 ppr; I have Jordy, Julio, Cooper, and K Allen at WR start with decent RB depth
I have been streaming QB but have been offered to trade away CJ anderson Jordy and Tyrod
In return I would get Brees, Dem. Thomas, and Theo Riddick

Thoughts? I think getting rid of Jordy makes me feel good but DT has been slowed recently?

Thanks in advance!

I would go for it. DT has to start scoring td at some point. might as well be for you. Brees is a good upgrade. and if you have depth at RB you shouldnt miss CJ


I would do this. I have been in the process of getting off the Green Bay/ Arizona train myself.

Thanks guys, just needed the reassurance that getting rid of Jordy wasn’t a bad thing!

Yep looks like they got it from here good choice!