You guys think I won this?

So I’m up 72 going in to tonight’s game it’s full ppr league he has Watson Michael Thomas josh jacobs and the Houston kicker left. I’m so nervous!!! You guys think I won?! I personally feel like Watson and Thomas will combine for 70 points alone lol

Yeah that’s dicey, particularly given that you have to like the chances for a short toss to Duke in the backfield even in the red zone over a straight running TD. Josh Jacobs is the real wild card, I just don’t know what to expect from the Raiders.

Dude, I would just go ahead and expect the loss. I would be freaking out. We know that Houston’s kicker will at least get 25 points. With Watson and Thomas getting 30 a piece. Josh Jacobs will be heavily involved. Lol, but for real, yeah, I’d be nervous, but you never know. It’s only week one, so just enjoy.