You know what really sucks?!?!

When you have three fantasy football playoff matchups, all of which you are projected to win but at least 10… And you run up against Todd Gurley in ALL THREE!!! Yeah… not a great day at all. =(


Wow so sry man…

Yeah anyone playing against Gurley or hunt this week prob got beat.

Fantasy is a fickle sport

had gurly but has russ also so need hooper to have a career game and mike evens to keep the low scoring output up

I had Rivers who got a whole 7 points, but I had Hunt and Gurley. I’d also like to point out that I constantly told people to not trade Gurley. If i listend to the ballers i’d have some mediocre rb instead of gurley and an injured AB instead of Hopkins.

Yeah it all depend on what you could get for Gurley.

I was able to trade Alex Smith and Gurley for Melvin Gordon and DeAndre Hopkins like week 4 or 5. And have been super happy with that even though Gurley has blown up a bunch since the trade

But yeah plp that sold him low was not a good choice

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Yeah always a rough day, I had Gurley. I was at the game too and he is just too good not to give him the ball more haha. Good job coach.

Thank God for Gurley. I traded for him earlier this year, it was a trade where I gave up Kelce and Sanders for him and some other garbage. Well I played the guy I made the trade with this week. At first it was looking pretty bleak with Rivers putting up his lack of points, and Lee getting hurt in the first quarter. But all was forgiven when Todd Gurley played. He has Matt Ryan tonight vs me with Mike Evans, but Gurley sealed the game for me. Sorry for your loss.


Yeah i rolled the dice in the draft on Gordon, Gurley, and Hunt, rounds 1-3. Paying off.

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