You need to switch to an IDP format, trust me

Ok, I’ve played both formats for 6 years now. I commish 2 leagues, one with DST & one with 2 IDP flex positions. For those of you who don’t play IDP I highly encourage you to lobby your league to switch. It makes it so much more fun.

DST is a crap shoot like kickers. And you end up like this year with one team having NE D and absolutely kills everyone with stupid scores.

In my IDP format league we run a 2 IDP flex format with 1.5 pts per tackle and .75 for solo tackle. INT, Sacks and Fumbles are same points as DST. The plus to this format is there are plenty of decent LBs to fill the roles and you end up with 10-15pts per LB and when the create TO, Sacks you get bonuses. It makes it so much more fun playing players than just DST. You don’t get screwed if your DST lays an egg.

There’s also value on poor D teams too. For instance, Jordan Hick on Arizona’s D is one of the top LBs this season. IMO it makes your league that much more competitive. We all love diving into stats and players at skill positions on offense. What many fail to realize, D is exactly the same. You can choose from solid weekly numbers from LBs or go for it all with DBs and Dline.

My two cents, take it or leave it but I promise you, if you make the switch you will never look back!