You starting Michel or Sanders

Michel is hard to trust right now and Sanders is about the same, but at least trending positive.

half ppr, super soft at the RB with Michel not meeting expectations.

Dalvin Cook

I like Sanders. Last three weeks .5 PPR (3.20, 7.28, and 13.76), trending up and looks good. Michel last three weeks (1.40, 12.30, 7.10) against plus matchups and now he has Buffalo. I think Sanders is also more likely to catch passes.

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yeah, im hoping his passing work increases. Pack have let some RBs do damage, does Alshon coming back step on his passing work? or does it open it up some as they have to shift more on the field?

Strangely enough, I’m in the same position (but also throwing Hyde in there) >.>

I feel like I have to go with Sanders. Michel has yet to prove that he’s worthwhile without a TD, and this match-up doesn’t look nearly as easy for NE as their schedule so far. Plus as mentioned, Miles is catching balls whereas Michel simply won’t.

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I’m in the same boat as you boat as you, standard league though, and Im leaning towards Sanders be gets work in the passing game, sand Sony looks like he’s running in quicksand this season

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For sure a struggle, NE has been up in all their games so far, but will they use the run more in games that are closer. Probably not lol as they can throw to anyone.

Sanders seems to have the potentially higher floor going in to this week due to actually being used in run and passing work.

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Yea their passing attack is pretty wild right now and it’s super frustrating even in games when they’re running out the clock here come Burkhead lol At least attempting to pass to Sanders I think Sony has 1 target

I’m sure you also screamed at the TV when Rex came on on that goal line toss sweep. Sony easily can do what he did there.

Think I’m rolling sanders.

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