Your best and worst trades of the season?

I literally dodged a bullet. Had a big trade I offered and was waiting for a response. Kupp was a piece I was trying to get in that trade, glad he didn’t accept and it just expired.

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My trades this season:

T1: My Ertz/Drake for Diggs/Burton (loss based on Ertz)
T2: My OBJ/Hyde for Barkley (I consider it a win for Barkley)
T3: My Ito for D Cook straight up (big win for me)
T4: My Barkley, Juju & Chubb for Zeke and Michael Thomas (yet to be seen but I love MT going into the playoffs and already have Hunt to absorb the loss of Barkley and AJones, KJ, and D Cook to absorb the loss of Chubb as flex option).

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Best trades : traded away fournette, trey burton, corey davis and chris godwin for james conner, mike evans and evan engram (2 weeks into the season)

3 weeks later I flipped sony michel and evans for keenan allen and joe mixon.

Minor trade that helped me a lot I received edelman for dion lewis.

The trade I missed was receiving njoku and coutee for baldwin. Njoku is not doing so well right now and coutee is not playing.

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I hesitated on trading Boyd for Fournette Saturday night and someone else was able to pull off AP for Fournette :confused:

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Been playing for about 5 years now and only ever had one trade accepted:

I traded away Agholor, Ajayi and Woods for Antonio Brown early this season. About a week before Ajayi wrecked his knee, so it was a great trade for me.

I usually refuse trade offers for my players as I get attached and also feel like I’m getting conned!

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My one buddy traded away Kelce and Nick Chubb for Lev Bell.



My best were:
Stefon Diggs for Jordan Reed (week 2)
Nick Chubb for Marvin Jones and Breida
Brandin Cooks for Phillip Lindsay
Trey Burton for Robbie Anderson
David Johnson to a very pissed off DJ owner 4 weeks ago for Tyler Boyd. Straight up.

I’ve gotten lucky. Only one I sometimes regret is Keenan Allen for George Kittle.
But I feel Allen is gonna blow up here on out

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Best: bell Michel Coleman and Landry (before his ‘great match up run’ and after Freeman injury for Kamara white Keenan Allen and fournette( just after reaggrevation)

Notable mentions: acquired kittle for Hogan week 2 and b cooks for kittle last week.
Also acquired Goff CMC 3 weeks ago for mahomes and Coleman

Gave up kerryon and Burton for ekeler landry i had gronk so thought who needs 2 tight ends!!! my wr1 was Robinson or Marvin jones at the time - seemed bad week 4 when I did this!

Notable mentions
David Johnson for Keenan Allen and kupp just before the coaching change. Albeit injury hasn’t helped but even without upset at losing DJ with the new OC
Traded away white for coleman after week 3 when I thought white couldn’t continue. Luckily got him back after Freeman injury.

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Worst/best I’ve seen in a league. Hold your hat there has been some stinkers

Wentz and Smallwood for Mike Davis and Michael Thomas the week after ingram cam back and then they bye.

Different team traded away David Johnson and Kyle Rudolph for DEVIN FUNCHESS!!! Unreal (I played him this week so pleased he didn’t have DJ.

Bonus: one from last year which the guy still gets ribbed about was trading Zach ertz for Orleans Darkwa.


These are some of the most brutal I’ve seen…Ertz for Darkwa?? Why??

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best: Sending lamar miller for zach ertz. (solid 2nd would be sending jack doyle and mike williams for andrew luck) Worst i guess?: sending james conner and jarvis landry for Christian McCaffrey. Note McCaffrey won me my week against the conner owner this week.


It was last year. Ertz owner had Graham who had had a couple of decent weeks and ertz had had an injury scare.

Darkwa had had his only good game and was playing Sam Francisco the next week so they guy went with it! Needless to say it didn’t pan out. Made more ridiculous was that he didn’t even need to win that week as he had secured a bye in playoffs. The whole thing was so mindless from him. Although he’s learnt his lesson and so far my offers for Gurley have been resisted :stuck_out_tongue:

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I rage traded Landry for Tate last week.

Keenan Allen for injured Dalvin Cook (Week 3)

Dalvin Cook (while injured a month ago) for Matt Ryan (week 4)


Clement + 8th round DP for Fuller + 10 round DP at the beginning of the season

Fuller (1-2 weeks before the injury) + 4th round DP for Diggs + 8th round DP

Ekeler for Alshon (week 4)

Alshon + 5th round DP for Fournette + 8th round DP (week 6)

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I’ve only on had one trade this year go through, my league mates are notoriously unwilling to trade lol.
I’d say it was middle of the road fair:

Last week, I gave him Matt Breida, he game me John Brown. We’re both 8-2 at the top of our league.
He needed RB depth, I needed a WR2.


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I got Kittle for Rudolph and Lindsey

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All my trades have been meh. Early on I traded Bears D/ST and Chris Hogan for Ravens D/ST and Jordan Reed. Reed sucked all year and I soon realized how good the Bears D/ST is.

After I had Reed I traded Jimmy Graham and Fitzgerald for T. Y. Hilton. I liked that one better at the time, but so far it hasn’t looked good and Hilton’s schedule doesn’t look favorable now.

I’d like both of those trades back.

Quit that league. Trading is a big part of the fun of this. My league is a work league and we’re a tech company. I’m in sales and the 5 of us from sales trade none stop. All the techies refuse to trade. We all complain about how boring they are.

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Best: Traded away Devonta Freeman (before injury) + Josh Gordon for Mixon.

Worst: Traded Clement and my 2nd round pick next year for Allison (ouch)

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I only had one meaningful trade this season but it was Mark Ingram and Will Fuller for Robert Woods and Carson Wentz. It ironically cost me my very next game since I played the guy I traded with and Fuller had a huge game… but then went down for the season, so as long as I still make the playoffs I think I’ll look back on it as a win

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Best: Received Adam Thielen for Jordan Howard and Jordy Nelson

Worst: Traded away Andrew Luck and Phillip Lindsay for Deshaun Watson and Dion Lewis

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