Your Best & Worst Move Week 11

Best: Dropping the saints D & picking up the eagles.
Worst: Benching D. Adams & starting M. Lee

Best: Starting Perine and Alex Collins
Worst: When Shepard was ruled out, added Amendola but cut him for Ginn and at the very last second before kickoff went with Tavarres King… SMH.

Best: Chris Thompson scored before he went out as my rb2

Worst: streamed Jay cutler and have parker :upside_down_face:

Best added baltimore defense in week 10 after guy in 2nd place dropped them due to their bye. worst benching keenan allen for michael crabtree.

Picking up the Chargers Defense

Putting Cooper in my lineup at the last second (which in hindsight wasn’t the worst decision ever, but not as good as I was hoping)

Best: Picking up and playing Vernon over Brate

Worst: dropping Perine to pick up Vernon…that one hurt…

Best: Tie - Starting Blaine Gabbert, picking up Perrine off waivers Sunday morning
Worst: Starting Abdullah and not Perrine…

Best: Benching Martin for D. Lewis minutes before kickoff.
Worst: Dropped Lutz for Butker, my opponent picked up Lutz and beat me with him.

Worst: Sitting PIT and streaming ARZ. AND sitting R Woods and starting Ju Ju.

dropping Chris Boswell for Jake Elliott. I lost by 18. Boswell had 19, elliott had 1…

Yeah…crazy hard to figure stuff this year. My PIT (bench) got 21 against TEN. My streamed ARZ got 8 against HOU. Go figure. And…I’ve got Succop, 5-5-4 past three weeks.

WOW…OUCH!!! That really hurts. I feel for ya buddy!!!

I also had Elliot, but never watched the game. I just had my yahoo stat tracker on & couldn’t figure out why philly was going up & down the field but never kicking fg’s & always going for 2pt conversions ?

What happened to you, happens to all of us at some point. BRUTAL

These are always easier to write when you win the Week, so I’ll share!

BEST: Waited until waivers cleared, scooped Baltimore DST as an FA, 26 points this week, good matchup next week and in both Week 15 & 16! Thanks Ballers!

WORST: Dropped Lutz for Jake Elliot rather than J Tucker. Then, no choice but to start Drake with both Hyde and McCaffrey on bye (Bell is my other RB), ended with a stunning 1.4. Also almost got goosed by Engram, but who wouldn’t be playing him if they had him.

BONUS WORST: Not by me, but a fellow league member. He’s older than most of us, set his lineup every single week so far, but this week didn’t slot in the DST he picked up off waivers (takes 2 seconds and he had Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun to do it). He lost be about 2.5 points, if he would have put his defense in (GB) he would have won by 2.5. REALLY needed him to beat the guy he was playing, too, since now we’re both 8-3, but I could have gained a 1 game lead on his opponent. CMON!!

Yeah…been there, seen that. More than once some of the members of my league haven’t touched their roster and have had BYE players starting. My initial response is…“REALLY??? ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF THIS LEAGUE OR NOT???” And then after a little thought, can’t help but wonder if maybe they’ve had something terrible happen in their personal life that week. Or maybe something really, really wonderful. (Some of them I don’t know personally…just here on the League, but I do know that one of them is a young 20-ish guy. Figure maybe he’s suddenly found a new “love” that is taking up all his time. LOL) I reckon I tend to be a little overly empathetic sometimes. LOL

Best: Picking up Ravens D/ST during their bye and starting them for 26 pts.
Worst: Paying $2 of FAAB to get Jake Elliott

Losing due to a kicker is the worst. I had 0 points from kickers 2 weeks in a row, and had Harrison Butker put up 21 points to beat me a few weeks ago. Sorry for the bad week, better luck this time.