Your Biggest Screw ups 1/4 of the way through the season

Lets hear em fellas/ladies. What’s the dumbest thing/thing you regret/ thing you wish you could take back this season?
I’m talking draft, drops, waiver bids gone wrong,bad trades, sit, starts. Post it here!

Mine- I dropped Kareem Hunt back in July to pick up James Conner-Whom I dropped less than two weeks later. I’m 3-1, but I could have had Bell and Hunt as my Rbs! Still stings!

I also traded Michael Thomas and Ameer Abdullah for Demarco Murray about three weeks ago. It’s still kinda early to tell on that move but that team is 1-3 so, not looking too good at the moment.

What’s your worst so far?

Trading Away
Jordan Howard
Tarik Cohen
Crowell -_-

I am 2-2 and the team i traded him too is 0-4 though.

LOL…you want the whole list…or…just the top 10???

LOL…SERIOUSLY…I ain’t kidding ya.

Anyway…prob have to say dropping Chris Thompson way back in Week 1 for Kevin White would be the one I still cry about almost every week. Especially since White is OUT!!!

Kareem Hunt drop sounds painful.

I want as many as you can bare to share w/ everyone! Haha.
1/4 of the way through there are definitely those among the us that could use a reminder that they are not alone in their fantasy football dumbassery!

I’m especially motivated to win that league!

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I put JJ Nelson and benched Larry Fitzgerald in Week 3. Fitzgerald got out of his wheelchair and had the biggest game of his life. JJ scored a big fat goose egg (0 points). I would have been 4-0.

LOL…I don’t know. Almost betting I could top just about everybody!!! 1-3 here…and the “1” just came last week. 10th place right now out of 10!!! LOL…pretty sad. Worst part is…I’m a 60 year old woman playing with my sons and grandsons…of course…Momma had to run her mouth several years ago when we started the league, spouting that “I’ve been watching football since before ALL of ya were in diapers!!!”


Dropped Jaron brown 2 weeks ago before he started blowing up.

This year I seem to be ACUTELY suffering with the “start 'em-they bust, sit 'em they take it by storm syndrome”

I just started playing Fantasy last year after watching football for the last 15 + years (I’m 29) and I got absolutely crushed. It’s a whole different animal but if you know and love football there’s nowhere to go but up!

I just had to drop him in a handful of leagues to pick up Gronk replacement TEs :frowning:

Unless you’re me, obviously. Last year was better than the year before…this year I’m major sucking at it…so far anyway. SMH and LOL at the same time. Gotta laugh!!!

The kareem hunt drop… I don’t know if I would be able to recover :fearful:Preformatted text

But on a lighter note :yum:

I turned my amari cooper into michael thomas after week 1, and my mcaffrey and tyreek hill into levbell in week 3.

Currently 4-0 sorry this was a bragpost

Haha, all good. Like I said, still got the winning record. It’s my second year playing fantasy, the best lessons to learn are the lessons that don’t cost you anything/much! Although I can totally see myself losing to the dude that picked him up in the playoffs/'ship. Fingers crossed it doesnt play out that way!

Well my biggest screw up after tonights game might have been trading doug martin for demarco murray lol. Might wish i could take that one back.

I was very close to trading away martin for murray. Wow i feel the concern. Murray will pan out don’t worry.

I drafted Shady over Freeman :sleepy:

OK…yet another of mine. Dropped Wentz for Palmer after week 3. SMH