YOUR CHOICE (standard): M.Gordon/Diggs --OR-- Gurley/Stills?

Which side of this trade would you want to be on: YOUR CHOICE (standard scoring, “In a vacuum”): M.Gordon/Diggs --OR-- Gurley/Stills? Thx.

love gurley obviously but i think the difference between diggs and stills is too big

Gordon & diggs by a mile - not even close

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Gordon and Diggs without a doubt.

As much of a beast as Gurley is, Gordon/Diggs side wins this easily. Diggs > Stills by a mile

I’m worried about Diggs (soft tissue injury history) not making it through the whole season. Plus Gurley is flying solo in his backfield-- while garbage-time Ekeler and Melvin make me nervous.

What about M.Gordon/J.Graham --for-- Gurley/Stills ??

Gurley owner probably wouldn’t take that but you could offer. Personally if I had Gordon & Diggs I wouldn’t be worrying about a thing